"Buying or selling a home is one of the single biggest investments you will ever make. As a real estate professional, I am dedicated to protecting your family's best interests and ensuring you make the most of this exciting opportunity."
-Christine Crockett

Christine Crockett Believes Focus & Determination Are the True Keys to Success in Life.

(And success in Applewood Acres real estate, Orchard Heights real estate and Port Credit real estate, too!)

There is nothing Christine enjoys more than being able to spend quality time with her daughter.

There is nothing Christine enjoys more than spending quality time with her daughter.

As her daughter carefully composes a picture in the camera’s viewfinder, Christine Crockett looks on admiringly, a big smile on her face. Over the years, the two have fostered a shared enjoyment of the art of photography and Christine is hopeful that her daughter will become even more of an aficionado of the art form.

It’s little moments like this where the two can bond together that mean the world to Christine. In fact, they speak volumes about this local professional. It not only reflects her genuine love of family, but her passion for photography as well. Even more, moments like these present teaching opportunities to share with her daughter one of Christine’s core values in life—when you combine focus and determination, you can achieve great success.

An Inspired Approach

It was a lesson Christine herself learned early in life as well. As a young adult, it was evident she was more driven than most. Early on, she was recognized for her outstanding achievements and awarded a full four-year scholarship to attend Ryerson University. Committed to her studies, she graduated with an honours degree in Marketing and Sociology, but her real love was in her extracurricular courses in art and art history. Whether through a painting or a photograph, Christine came to appreciate not only the aesthetic quality of the work, but the careful thought, effort and dedication that went into creating each piece. This appreciation inspired her to approach everything she does with intense focus, high standards, and elegant styling.

Making the Most Out of Every Opportunity

From consultation to closing, Christine is a real estate professional focused on delivering outstanding service and results to her valued clientele.

From consultation to closing, Christine is a real estate professional focused on delivering outstanding service and results to her valued clientele.

Today, whether Christine is pursuing her creative passion through photography or staying in shape through her yoga regimen, she remains focused on making every moment count. She also makes it a point to stay connected to the local lifestyle, whether it’s pursuing a farmer’s market or spending a day at the pool with her daughter.

Protecting Your Best Interests

Christine’s drive to make the most of every opportunity is what has enabled her to become one of the most sought after and respected real estate professionals in the area. She understands this diverse real estate market inside-and-out. Christine’s focus is always on protecting her clients’ best interests and she uses her knowledge to help her clients make sound investment decisions. She’s a member of the Luxury Home Marketing Institute, she holds designations as an International Real Estate Specialist (IRES) and Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES). As her designations and ongoing education show, Christine is always looking for new ways to improve her already stellar level of client service and attention.

When working with sellers, Christine understands the importance of marketing each property effectively. From expert staging strategies to high-end photography, she showcases your home in its best light to attract the right buyers. If you’re buying, Christine uses her vast local knowledge to match you with the perfect community and help you find the home of your dreams.

Focused on Your Success

When you’re ready to make your next move, give Christine Crockett a call. This dedicated professional is truly Focused on Your Success and will go the extra mile to ensure you achieve your real estate goals. Simply put, Christine and her team know how important your home sale or purchase is and she’s committed to helping make your next move a complete success. When it comes to Applewood Acres real estate, Orchard Heights real estate, Sherway or real estate in the Port Credit area, work with the best, call Christine.